Larry Fisher memorial services

Hi Everyone.  Posted on Robin’s facebook page, and copied here.

Dear Friends:

Yesterday we celebrated the life of my Father, Larry Fisher. With lots of help from my lovey family, I think we had a unique service. We knew it would be small but we were pleasantly surprised to see some lifelong family friends (thanks J.D. and Kelly), work friends and new friends (thanks Angela and Tim). I think Daddy would have approved of everything. I you would like to view the slide show Lexie and I created, click below

If you would like to view part of the service (we had some technical difficulties and only got about half) click below

To sign his virtual guest book and view his obituary, click below

Magic Edge

I”m not sure what made me think of this.  But, when we (Robin, Sam Goldman, and I) lived in Campbell, CA, we used to go to this arcade called Magic Edge.  The premise what that you were training to be a combat pilot in a new jet, the X-21 Hornet.  You were put into an egg shaped pod that had a screen in the front and a blacked out canopy.  The pod had a several axis of motion.

It was expensive, and we were poor, but we went a number of times and got pretty good at it.  Anyway, here’s a link to someone else reminiscing about it.

I like turtles!

We saw this guy trying to cross the road in our neighborhood.  Theres lots of lakes/streams, so it he just must have been making a location change.  We stopped to help him get across the street.  Sure,  I’m not positive that was the destination, but at least hes not flat.

Homeward bound….

The conference was good.  I can’t say that I learned a lot, but have some resources to lean on to get a few things done that I’ve been meaning to get to.  The move in to our new HQ was quite an undertaking.   Now that its well in my rear-view mirror, its time to stop, take a look around, and think about where I can continue to make a difference…. Having said this, its good to be… homeward bound.  See ya, Joisey

Duplicate Posts

So, when I post something to wordpress, using my mobile app, it always fails to upload the post I’m trying to make, and always duplicates a random post, several times.  I’ll try with a different mobile app, and see if that changes anything.  any other wordpress users have experience with the mobile app?


Battery Ahoy!

Between the scavenger hunt game, and pokemon go, my battery is toast.  And it’s not even 10am.  Sigh.  l

Neewwwww Jersey!

I’m in New Jersey visiting one of our IT equipment suppliers. Looking for efficiencies and services they may be able to provide which can reduce labor costs on my side.


The Expanse – picked up for season 4?

I really like Sc-Fi.  Or SyFy.  or whatever.  Recently,  I was dismayed to learn that SyFy had cancelled The Expanse.  Arguably, one of the best SciFi shows on TV since Battlestar Galactica (not the one with Lorne Michaels).

The thing I found encouraging is that the production company owned everything about the show.   The rights to the stories, the sets, the costumes… everything.  So, all they’d need to do is shop the show around.  I figured that would take a couple year.  Or, would it?  Seems that in a short 10 days, Amazon picked it up.

here’s the article from Hollywood Reporter:

Hollywood Reporter,  Amazon picks up Season 4 of The Expanse